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    Creators of the Removable Handgun Sight Mounts for use with Red Dot, Reflex, Holographic and Optical Sight Systems.

    If you haven't ever tried a Red Dot or similar sight system on a semi-auto handgun,
    you really should!

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About Us

Creators of the Removable Handgun Sight Mounts for use with Red Dot, Reflex, and Optical Sight Systems.
If you haven't ever tried a Red Dot or similar sight system on a semi-auto handgun, you really should!

Who We Are

Shooters bringing diverse, yet thoughtful firearm accessory products to the general shooting community.

Our Goal

To provide shooter's with well thought out products, engineered with no compromises, made with top quality materials, brought to the market at a reasonable price, and made in America.

Our Philosophy

Strive and push for absolute excellence and precision, in every aspect of every product we bring to market and provide Industry Leading Customer Service.

Our Services

Creative Ideas

The initial idea behind our Sight Mount was to create a sight mount to allow installation and use for the purpose of testing custom reloads. As a competitive shooter, certain requirements need to be met for the shooters ammunition. Anytime a shooter starts with a new gun and reloads will be used, they will (or at least should in our view), take the time to prepare and match the ammunition to the gun. Once the process of designing the sight mount began, it was evident that there were a very limited number of options available to the general shooting market for using a Red Dot or Reflex on a firearm manufactured with a polycarbonate frame. While the 1911, and similar Steel framed guns have had Red Dot sight systems installed on them since the 1980's, installing one on a poly frame gun has met some serious challenges, especially since you simply can't drill and tap a bunch of holes on the side of the frame, which has been the typical practice of the Steel framed guns. We believe our mount not only serves the purpose of the design, but exceeds it to a very great extent.


During the process' of designing, manufacturing, testing, production and finally shooters using, we've learned, that we didn't design the perfect sight mount. Go figure. That wasn't actually in the criteria, however, providing a solid platform that would work over a very wide range of handguns and sight systems, was, as well as making it to the best of our ability and understanding of the need. The fundamental 'need' was and is to be able to use a Red Dot Sight System on a polycarbonate or steel framed handgun that is removable, yet solid. Did we succeed in our task? Well if your comments are any indication, then, that would be a resounding yes, absolutely. Does that mean we met all the criteria, well by our own standards and intent, unfortunately, no. Are we going to continue and make them better, absolutely. We have already made notes and done homework and modified a few things to make our mounts better, fit their intended handguns and sights better as well as include an expanded market.

Additionally, we've learned that not only do the handgun manufactures interpret the 'Picatinny Rail' differently, Sight System are just as broad in their interpretation of what a Red Dot can or should be able to do or not do. As the largest example of this, MOA adjust ability ranges from 60 to 600, literally. This can and has caused a few issues which needed solutions, that fortunately we happy to say, we were able to provide. Some but not all of these kinds of things will be reviewed and possibly implemented in future versions of our Mounts. Who knows, maybe we'll have to go to a third design. Only the future will tell.

Stay tuned and TTFN -


Our market focus is the general shooting public and firearms industry. However once you break it down a little bit it's more like the SHOOTERS (hunting, plinking, practice), RELOADERS (how many rounds can you shoot and maintain a good focus on the front sight when testing your loads for accuracy? We've shot in excess of 500 test loads in one sitting with no problem of loss of focus), TRAINERS (this is a great tool to teach 'both eye open' shooting), COMPETITION (USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun, Bullseye, PPC), POLICE & MILITARY (Training and General Purpose [NeuMount Sight Mounts have seen battle time too]), and we've also gotten some interest from the AIRSOFT market as well. After all the Airsoft guns are just duplicates of the real thing that just shoot plastic balls with a lot less recoil, lol. So ultimately, like we said, the general firearms industry.

Customer Support

Not only do we make our Sight Mounts and Holsters with an extreme level of care and precision, but we use them as well. Having spent the bulk of my life in Custom Support related positions and business' we have a pretty good idea of what good Customer Service is about. Beyond our product and you the customer, it's about the synergy between all three of us. It really isn't rocket science either, if you are not happy with ANY part of the product, or you just wanna talk Red Dot Sights, Mounts & Guns, give us a call. That's all we're going to say about it. 503.841.9800, you may need to leave a message, because honestly and with all due respect, unlike so many people these days, we don't live with a cellphone up our butt.


Our Work

Our Work is broken into 4 different Viewing Galleries;
Angled Side Mounts (AS)
Straight Side Mounts (SS)
Sights Red Dot & Reflex
If you don't see what your looking for, drop us an email or give us a call
we may be able to shed some light on whatever it is your looking for.

Angled Side (AS) Mount Gallery
AS Mounts are designed for
Springfield Armory - XDm, XD, 1911 Operator & TRP;
Sig Sauer - P226 & 2xx Series w/ rails P320, X Series 5 & 6;
HK - P30, VP9, P45 & Tactical*;
FN - FNS/FNX & FN 5.7(MKII*);
Baretta - PX4, 92, 96, clones;
Taurus - 24/7, G2, 800 Series;
KelTec - PMR-30;
1911's w/ & without rails (Recover Tactical System)

Straight Side (SS) Mount Gallery
SS Mounts are designed for
Glock, Standard & Compact Models w/ rails
Smith & Wesson M&P & SD's,
H & K VP9

Sight Systems Gallery
Is provided to assist, you, our customers with a one stop location which
enables you to see most of the different Sight Systems available today.
We've provided a launching platform, linking each of the respective companies
so you can obtain Sight System details that each company makes available.
Links (Company Name) to each company's website are located at the top of the small photo
Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, that we can't control, but will replace them as we can
Please note; that while we don't manufacture, nor sell Sight Systems (at this time),
we wanted to provide as much of an all inclusive experience for you as we could.

Holster Gallery
Provides photos and details of 2 different holster systems
We've never thought a generic (one size fits all) holster is good enough, especially for 3-gun compatition or security
Like our Sight Mounts, our holsters are a custom created product, designed and made specifically just for our Sight Mounts
After a year and a half of research and trials, we settled on using a split gun mold (MultiMold) design and vacuum system method to form our holsters.
By doing this, the holster matches the specific characteristics of the sight mount and form of the gun, providing excellent coverage and adjustable tension.
  This has an unseen benefit in most cases; it allows you to use the holster with or without our mount, so more often than not, you only need to buy 1 holster.
(Unless your going to remove the sight mount & use the same gun for CCW).
  We never stop looking into bettering our products and we're working on an addition to our standard holsters; the NeuMount Holster Hoodie.
It will be an additionally peice added to the exterior of the holster that will cover and protect the Sight System you've installed.
  Perfect solution that maintains speed drawing cababilities along with security and protection
for your sight system, for when your crawling around at the next 3-gun match.

The second holster system pictured is an example of a CR-Speed modified to fit our Sight Mounts. 

(*) indicates some light modification may be necessary to fitment.

Latest Project

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Our Clients

Product Offers

We believe that our Sight Mount Design is what shooters have been waiting for. Red Dot Sight Systems have been installed on Steel Frame handguns since the 1980's. Now it's time to share the wonderful option of having one installed on one of your favorite Poly-frame gun. Our design uses and is secured to the Picatinny or Utility Rail under the front of the frame, it comes up and around both sides (making it very rigid) to a well proportioned platform, for mounting your favorite Red Dot Reflex Sight System securely to the Mount, with or without the optional provided Rail. Take a look at Our Work Gallery above for pictures of many of the various handguns our Mounts fit.
Our holsters while manufactured out of need (nobody could make them the way we wanted them) are designed and handcrafted to the same level of detail as out Mounts. They are vacuum formed one at a time in a vacuum frame designed for making holsters. The same kind the big guys use.

  • Standard Sight Mounts
    Anodized Finish
  • 75 all hardware included
  • Fits over 100 Handguns
  • Fits over 25 Sight Systems
  • 2 Basic Models; AS & SS
  • Standard Black Anodized Finish
  • Model
    Anodized Color
    What Handgun?
    What Sight System?
  • Standard Sight Mounts
    CeraKote Finish
  • 85 all hardware included
  • Fits over 100 Handguns
  • Fits over 25 Sight Systems
  • 2 Basic Models; AS & SS
  • CeraKote Finish
  • Model
    CeraKote Color
    What Handgun?
    What Sight System?
  • Custom
  • 65 specifically designed for our mounts
  • Vacuum Form Fitted
  • Numerous Mounting Option
  • Finished by Hand
  • Xtra Heavy for Solid Retention
  • Belt Size
    Gun, Model & Barrel Size


Why should I add a Red Dot System to my gun anyway?

There are numerous reasons and many will agrue them. Maybe we'll post a discussion when we get our blog going. For now, here's our take on the quesiton; 1) Easier to shot. With a Red Dot sight system, you keep both eyes open, put the Dot on the target and pull (squeeze) the trigger. You don't have to focus (with one eye open and one eye shut) on the front sight post, and align it with the middle of the notch of the rear sight A_N_D the target. 2) Faster target acquisition, once you've used one for a while your muscles will start to remember where they were when you shoot with the Red Dot on the gun. 3) Older eyes don't get fatigued nearly as fast. 4) Once accustomed to using a Red Dot, you'll probably be shooting more accurately. (I know I do)

Will any Sight System work on the NeuMount?

All of the Reflex Sight Systems shown in our Gallery area can be mounted on the NeuMount Sight Mount platform or rail. Mounting holes may not be pre-drilled & tapped for every Sight System available, but there is sufficient space to re-drill and tap. We have also had customers install up to 4x optical scopes on handguns using our Mounts. Another option is to request a custom version that is not predrilled and tapped or a third option is to simply request a custom mount and 'Have it your Way'.

What's the best Sight System available?

While there are some Reflex Sight Systems available which are held to extremely high set of standards regarding materials and manufacturing, and others not so much, it all really comes down to purpose vs. cost. For the purpose your intending, what are you will to pay for? Good quality Reflex Sight Systems vary in cost starting from around $200 and go upwards to $700. Going below this is very questionable for longevity. You can usually find a Reflex Sight System within about every $50 or so anywhere in between. The more expensive units may have slightly better optics and or other/different options, and some will perform well underwater to varying depths. Not that you'll be shooting to many things at -50'.

Can I remove the slide with the Sight Mount still installed?

That will depend on the gun and rear sight installed on the slide. Some will fit, some will not, there may not be quit enough space. We took this into account during development, at which time we considered; A) Which is more important, being able to remove the slide for cleaning and maintenance, or B) Having the Sight System as low as possible on as many guns as possible, with a good number being able to use the iron sights with the mount/Red Dot still installed? We chose B, the second option. As shooters it seems more important to us to have the sight system be as low and close to the bore access as possible. While we agree, removing one and loosening two other screws 1 turn, is a timely and annoying task, (about 30 seconds of your time), it seems more important that the SIght System be as much a part of the physical extension as possible, when it's most needed.

Latest News

Latest NeuMount news is listed by product.

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Sight Mounts

We continue to move forward on new designs and methods of securing sight mounts & more to handguns.


Kydex holsters are available for virtually every handgun that our mount will fit. We're looking into Boltron as well for a different appearance.


Our Custom mount Services are available on a limited basis. PLease call or email your requests.

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